Trip with friends

A experiment i tried while i was on a trip to meet friends at pune. Inspired byAlex Chacon and Christoph Rehage
Camera used is Motoroala moto g 2nd generation and google camera app. Editing is done using windows movie maker.

Messy morning

This is the view i get every morning from my hostel room's window.The building at the distance is our combined mess.

and here is the path from lab to room .Please bare with the portrait mode.I know i should have rotated the device 90 deg :P

First timelapse record

This is my first timelapse video recorded. With each stroke of digital brush, frames were recorded and it took a total time of 6-7 hours.

I used sketchbook pro in ipad mini, video was recorded from the timelpase function in sketchbook pro application and final editing was done using windows movie maker.
Here is the original photo of my dad and the final sketch created.

Starting to sketch

Well, lot of people have asked me where to start for sketching and is it possible to learn sketching. I think that sketching is very easy you just have to think differently for different type of art, little practice and most importantly patience. When you are starting sketch and trying to achive realistic effect, a good start will be to flush your prior beliefs and knowledge about the object. You just have to see the object and observe the shades and shapes.For instance, most of the people while drawing a jug from a distance will try to draw the top as circular as possible ,because their knowledge about the circular top urges them to do so rather than the elliptical shape.It is more important in these case is the just see the object like a projection on a wall behind it to draw the shapes and outline. Same thing applies for shading, when we try to start filling a boundary ,we make the boundary always dark because of our practice from chilhood. But the important think is edges are not always dark, they are just nice contrast to their surroundings, if you darken the surrounding you'll find a sharp white edge.

For caricature, things are opposite, here you have to focus on features rather than proportions. Most importantly this is rather tougher to me than real life sketches, because it requires more practice and understanding of how shapes are formed. You have to magnify some parts and make other reduce in size to collaborate everything in small but recognizable shape. Here is a nice video about caricature and art.

Starting to think

After thinking a lot, what to write.I feel thinking is most important thing that everyone should do to be creative. Only by having a natural imagination,world would evolve otherwise everything will converge to some level ,which everyone would think to be perfect. But how to have a natural thought , a creative idea , a spark in brain. Iam no expert but i feel that, everyone has immense creativty within themselves but we never use it and stay busy doing the mundane job. The thing is natural idea is seriously like a parasite as stated in movie inception. If the idea is natural and divergent it'll always stay in our head. With everything around us, we can think of a change in anything, and that might be the obviuos way of doing a particular thing which no one thought. But this type thinking and being sceptic will always leave us unsatisfied in mist of thoughts till we have any good idea.

Also we always take things for granted and leave some task thinking that iam not the guy for this job, we remain dependent and proceed on things without knowing it. We see people doing some job but never try it ourselves for e.g. how to repair a puncture of cycle ,how to align the spoke. There is always some way which is never explored. It is upon us to try different and most of the things around us by ourselves without chasing the rat-race without meaning.Here is a good video regarding ideas.